User-Centered Interactive Visualization of Big Data

(with School of Management, FH Upper Austria), since Dec 2016

In this 4-year project funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), we work together with our colleagues from our School of Management (Campus Steyr) and industry partners to design, prototype, and evaluate interactive data visualizations for “Big Data”. Our goal is to transfer InfoVis research results into practice and to support our industry partners with design guidelines and best practice examples for visualizing “Big Data” from finance and smart production. This will also include interaction and visualization techniques for cross-device and collaborative visualization using multiple tablets and large touch- and pen-enabled screens, e.g. Microsoft Surface Hub.

The project has a total volume of EUR 0.94 Mio and is funded with EUR 0.66 Mio by the Austrian FFG for 4 years.

More information: USIVIS website, CHI 2017 full paper (Honorable Mention at CHI 2017)


DisMoSim - Distributed Modelling and Simulation of Cyberphysical Systems

(with School of Engineering, FH Upper Austria), since Sep 2018

In the DISMOSIM project, the team of hive is responsible for the user-centered design, prototyping, and evaluation of novel remote collaboration tools. For example, we will use large high-resolution touch screens with pen input to enable engineers to collaboratively manipulate 3d engineering models of vehicles and to run mechanical simulations and visualize their results.

My research activity and work package within the project have a total volume of EUR 0.39 Mio and are funded with EUR 0.28 Mio by the Austrian FFG for 3 years.

CaImAn - Casual Immersive Analytics: information visualization and data analysis using virtual reality technology

(with School of Engineering, FH Upper Austria), since Oct 2018

Virtual Reality (VR) as a technology that allows the user to immersive experience of three-dimensional environments, and information visualization (InfoVis) as a discipline that deals with the visual editing of data to better understand contexts within it, are two areas that are currently up-to-date gain more and more importance. The combination is called Immersive Analytics (IA).

The project Casual Immersive Analytics (CaImAn) deals with the transfer of classical and established data analysis methods into the domain of virtual reality. Existing methods are tested for their useful applicability in interactive stereoscopic representation. Concepts for the adaptation of these methods into the VR domain are developed and suitable analysis methods are implemented prototypically. The prototypes are basically independent of the application domain, but are filled with data from selected COEs for implementation and evaluation.

In the field of bioinformatics, information visualization is a common technique for representing correlations in genomes or between genomes. Within CaImAn stereoscopic 3D visualization is used to visualize the relationship between different species.

Logistics is an area that has been using VR for a long time. Typically, the three-dimensional representation is used in the planning of locations. In the framework of CaImAn, the possibility of network visualization for the representation of production and retail chains will be examined.